Intrusion Detection

Automatic Alarm Systems for Quick Response

Burglaries are committed at any day or night time. Offer resistances to potential intruders which are coordinated appropriately with each other. Mechanical protections are in first place. They can prevent a burglary under certain circumstances.

Intrusion detection systems do not prevent a burglary, however they trigger an alert which has a deterring effect and increases the intruder’s risk of being discovered. It makes sense to combine both techniques.

Being an experienced offeror in the area of fire protection and safety in your region we know the requirements of the regulations and have a wide variety of products most of which are even suitable for installation into existing systems. We will gladly give you guidance and do a site inspection at your premises together with you.

We offer the whole spectrum of alarm system technology, from a compact control panel to a large bus-controlled system with more than 1000 alarm groups.

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