Breathing Protection Technology

Not only do rescuers save other people’s lifes, they have to protect their own lifes, too. We give you guidance on how to protect yourself against lack of oxygen, poisonous gases and steams as well as against aggressive chemicals.

We can provide you with specific breathing apparatuses, SCBA, masks with integrated radio communication systems, Long-term-SCBAs and closed circuit breathing apparatuses for use in underground car parks and tunnels.

To avoid any trouble or further catastrophes while on a rescue mission you can rely on the appropriate equipment e.g. breathing protection control, non-motion-detectors, victim location systems, rescue bags and rescue hoods.

After a mission is always prior to the next mission. Used equipment must be made ready for use again. Our shop will render do the service to your whole breathing protection equipment.

No matter if breathing air compressors, test devices for masks and SCBAs, drying cabinets or chemical protection suit-maintenance systems are concerned, we offer high quality products made by renown manufacturers.

Together with our partners we can also build complete breathing protection workshops.

And our personnel always has up-to-date training by the manufacturers.

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