Fire Fighting Technology

No matter if it is 6.00 am in the morning, 3.00 pm in the afternoon or 3.00 am at night, when an alarm is set off, the blood pressure is up to 180 within seconds. The race against time starts. No matter what the danger is, the equipment must be appropriate. You don’t want to make any compromises when the protection of your comrades is concerned. Your motto is: maximum protection, minimum risk. Advice on the hottest topics and current standards is more important than ever for you? You want to know the advantages of a thermal imaging camera? You need assistance with your projects?

Do you speak fire fighter’s dialect? So do we, permanently!

You can get everything, and we mean everything, that you need for your mission from us. No matter if it is for fire fighting, technical assistance, victim rescue or incidents of large damage.

Dress uniforms, nozzle pipes, safety boots or plasma cutting devices, we offer high quality products by renown manufacturers.

By the way, we are always here for you in our Fire Brigade Store.

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