Breathing Protection

Short time mission: Assessment of the situation. You and your colleagues want to have mobility – the SCBA is first choice. Next Task. Long-term mission: The necessary work to the container seems to be extensive. The exposure of the person wearing the breathing protection equipment should be reduced to a sustainable degree – Fanning instruments can give him the necessary endurance.

Our job? Customized advice.

The working atmosphere: Lack of oxygen. Too high concentration of contaminants – compressed air hoses are optimal. Planning the infrastructure – circular piping or mobile cylinder banks – We take part in all that.

The mission is situated at a pipeline in frosty conditions – We take care of warming the supplied breathing air. Rescue from dangerous areas – Use escape filters or oxygen self-rescue devices. Aggressive atmosphere – reduce thermal exposure in your chemical protection suit by using a ventilation system.

We can do a lot for you and find special solutions for you

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