Fire Extinguishers

Just in case: Fire extinguishers 

Our range of supplies includes:  
Powder-, water-, carbondioxide-, foam- and fat fire extinguishers. Further we supply wheeled type fire extinguishers, fixed fire suppression systems, Gel fire extinguishers and Water hose reels.

Fire protection classes:
The first minutes after the emergence of a fire are most important. If whoever discovers the danger, acts quickly and appropriately, the worst case can be avoided. Almost 80% of all fires can be smothered successfully if they are discovered quickly and immediate action is taken during the emergence stage.

Fire fighting classes:
Fire extinguishers are fire fighting instruments which are available almost everywhere. But who is able to handle them correctly without regular training? The correct handling must be trained again and again to be prepared for the case of fire. 

According to DIN EN 3 fire extinguishers must be inspected every two years. The inspection has to be carried out by a certified technical expert and must be documented by an appropriate inspection tag.

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