Gas and Chemical Detection

Your incentive is the safety of people and machines. You want reliable protection and immediate detection of danger. Our incentive is customized guidance. No matter if you have to monitor one gas or 5 gases simultaneously. It is important to have immediate and widespread information.

We can do a lot for your shut-downs. Mobile area control – we do it. As well as we do equip your staff with personal gas detection and warning equipment. No matter if a single person or a whole team is concerned. We sure do have the right solution for you.

Prevention prior to starting work – Alcohol and drugs jeopardize the employee and his direct surroundings. It lessens his performance. Analyze the situation quickly and easily. Avoid damage to your company.

Guidance even with unpleasant issues!

Your zone of danger are freight containers without warning tags? Don’t take a risk – Photo ionization technology detects ppm-rates of phosphine, methyl bromide, Sulfuryldifluoride und hydrogen cyanide.

Gas detection without any doubts!

Good to know: Photo ionization technology is also suitable for the detection of leaks.

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