In case of a rescue mission you have to take all the right tactical measures quickly. Fire response plans are indispensible for getting an overlook even before arriving at the fire scene. It will render you all information on the building, on existing systems, on zones of special danger and on the surroundings of the place which are necessary to make decisions. At the fire scene the routing card will lead you to the triggered smoke detector without delay. These routing cards are developed together with you according to your needs.

In case of fire you and your employees must quickly find the correct escape route. Therefore you need clearly arranged and correct escape route plans. Clear behaviour instructions avoid damage to bodies and souls. All rescue equipment such as fire extinguishers and water hose reels are immediately recognized and located. Apart from that we can provide you with standardized labellings. We offer customized signs such as door markings, doctor’s panels, complex orientation systems in buildings and other places which are in accordance with specifications and requirements.

A useful addition to all this are evacuation plans which help employees and visitors to get out of the danger zone quickly and without panicking. Depending on the type of emergency there are different designated evacuation methods and gathering points.

By implementation of fire protection regulations you are on the safe side. They contain rules for fire prevention and behaviour in case of fire. Their  extent and the way how to accomplish them are customized to your needs and coordinated with the fire protection authorities.

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