Stoll System - unique and versatile seal system for leaks and cracks

Stoll Seal System

Massong is now offering a unique and versatile seal system for leaks and cracks. The stoll seal system allows for quick and efficient sealing of different kinds of leaks within seconds, even in hardly accessible places.

The system can even be applied to the leak or crack by untrained people and it is literally rock-solid. This gives you precious time to notify the rescue service or fire brigade, who then take the necessary steps to fix the pipe burst, crack or corrosion damage.


Video on the Stoll Seal System


Areas of use: 


·       Ships

·       Piping Systems

·       Industrial Plants

·       Tanks

·       Containers





·       Quick Use   

·       No Welding 

·      Save Sealing

·       Easy Handling


For more information on the Stoll seal system please see or the product video. If you have further questions please contact our sales managers.